Thursday, December 29, 2022

Year in Review


Usually I'm a fairly productive quilter.  I gravitate to easier patterns because I figure that I will finish more that way.  This year was different.  I'm calling it "The C'est La Vie Year."  

I can't even remember one main reason this year why I didn't get more quilts completed.  I cared for Mom as usual.  My brother was ill so I did his portion of her care too.  And then there was the hand situation.  By June I stopped embroidering so that I could finish binding other projects. I couldn't do both and move my hands.

Such is life.

I got baby quilts done though...lots of those were sent out like Remi's quilt and Katie's twin quilts and Charlotte's quilts:

I also made a lot of doll quilts for the kids:

I finished Brett's Cat quilt

And I finished Thomas' book themed quilt:

But other than that, I didn't finish a whole lot.  I have 2 quilts to bind but I take my time so as not to aggravate the hand that hasn't had surgery yet.  It will take a while.

The thing that I enjoyed most this year was using up my scraps.  I loved it more than I expected and I'm still interested in using up my small bits and bobs in quilt tops.  And I seem to be always generating more scraps as I go along.  But it is so satisfying to have some more room as I complete tops. 

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Have a safe and happy day!

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