Friday, December 16, 2022

Friendship Friday: December 16, 2022


It's Friendship Friday and it was so good to hear from many of you this week.  Lots of you admitted that you have a problem with wild scrap quilts and I love what Libby wrote:  "I like my fabrics to sing the same song." What an elegant way to put it.  I still haven't decided what I'm going to do but fortunately, I'm making holiday blocks right now and don't have to dwell on it too much.

Robin made me laugh when she commented on the haunted Christmas quilt.  She said her husband was watching Perry Mason and the eerie music was just perfect for reading the post!  😂

Sue shared a video on Scandinavian holidays after the St. Lucia post.  You can watch it here.  It's really neat to hear the children sing!


Sue P. also shared some holiday quilts.  Just look at her lovely quilting!

Here is her holiday hankie quilt!

Some of the hankies:

Sue's been also making these cool stars and shared where she found the tutorial.  You can watch how to make these stars here!  The stars are simply folded and not sewn.  I can't wait to make some once I can cut fabric again!  I think they make great ornaments but would also look neat on a wreath!

Thank you for sharing Sue!  
I really enjoyed what you shared!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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