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Tuesday's This and That: December 13, 2012

 Happy Tuesday!

Happy St. Lucia Day!

St. Lucia's Day always shocked me as a child because little girls wore wreaths of lit candles in their hair.  

The usual treat for this feast day is usually accompanied by saffron breads, coffee, and ginger cookies.

If you prefer not to bake with yeast (those days are over for me), consider a cake...how about a Christmas Quilt Cake?

This recipe is from the 1960s and requires two deviled food cake mixes.  Bake each one in an oblong pan and then remove when cooled.  One cake is decorated with red icing and the other with green icing.  Assembled cut squares on a large serving tree alternating the green and red squares to create a "quilt" effect.  

Of course this got me wondering just when were cake mixes invented?  There's a great article at Bon Appetit that you can read here.


Over the weekend, I had to take my mom to the ER.  She is fine  but it's always better to have her checked out when she's short of breath.  So we spent Saturday at the hospital and fortunately I had a book in my purse.  It's an easy read and I thought I would recommend it to you.  The books is called Christmas Around the Village Green and written by Dot May Dunn.

This charming story relays Dunn's childhood in Britain during World War 2.  She is 5 1/2 years old when the book opens and it is a really insightful account of a child's perspective during the war.  I give it 5 stars!


Wishing you a safe and happy day full of joy and light!

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  1. Like you, I was terrified by the image of candles on the head. I loved Betsy McCall paper dolls.