Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Mountain Mist 1938 Catalog: Part 1

 Thank you Barb S.!

Barb S. gifted me this wonderful Mountain Mist catalog which she left at my home last Friday.  As many of you know, I love Mountain Mist quilts and although "the blue book" is a staple to collectors, this booklet is so special because it is almost magazine size and has lots of photographs to study!

 There's even the original form still in the book that lists "where to buy Mountain Mist."  Unfortunately, the list didn't include Pennsylvania (it featured more Northeastern states).

One of the first things I noticed were two photos of women quilting.  Note the dresses the women are wearing.  This was still "the colonial revival" period and the dresses are indicative of the marketing ploys that were used in the first half of the 20th century.  They are  even wearing gowns!

There are lots of colored photographs of quilts and I loved studying the fabrics and styles.  One of the things I love about Mountain Mist is the variety of quilt styles they featured.  Here are some of the large photos featured in the catalog:

Another interesting part of this book is that many connotate the Mountain Mist patterns with the wrappers that the batting came in.  

Consumers didn't have to settle for just the patterns available at their local store and wrapped nicely in their packaging.  The company sold the patterns as well.  

So many of these wrappers survived decades and were clearly cherished by quilters.  Perhaps it was because the instructions were better than many companies.  Just look at the diagram of how to read the patterns that was included in this catalog!

Tomorrow we will look at some of the other patterns and information in this catalog!

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. I found a stack of the old Mountain Mist patterns that came from the batting bags after my mother died. I'm hoarding them for now but hope to someday make a couple of the applique quilts. So many projects I want to make, so little time but maybe if I live to be 275?

  2. wow quilting has come so far...what a treasure!