Friday, October 28, 2022

Flower Friday: October 28, 2022

 Happy Flower Friday!

Autumn and spring have temperatures fluctuation.  It's no wonder that my garden is confused these days!

The impatiens are still alive and blooming!

The hibiscus looks like it is fading as it continues to bloom!

Toad lily, always an autumn favorite:

Ageratum--I didn't plant this so it self sowed itself and seems quite happy these days:

I thought I had ripped all the cosmos out.  I hadn't noticed the plant in this bed that I didn't clean yet.  Now I have cosmos blooming?  Well they sure waited long enough!

My favorite flower photos this week were taken when I walked Scout at the park.  There was a heavy frost and it was so neat to see roses blooming against a thick frost on the grass.  I guess that is why I'm so surprised this week that my tender annuals continue to bloom!

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!

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  1. It is interesting to walk through the neighborhood and see the occasioal flower! Weird fall for sure.