Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Wednesday's This and That...

 It's a crazy couple of weeks full of taking family to doctor and test appointments.  So here, a day late, this week's this and that!

It's been a good couple of weeks for the history of women--even if some of the accolades are late.

Congratulations to the All-Black Women's Army Unit of WW 2 who were recognized with the Congressional Gold Medal!

Despite the disrespectful treatment of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson during the hearings, she made it through the Senate confirmation process.  Congratulations Judge!


Did you take sewing lessons in grade, elementary, or high school?  I was at a distinct disadvantage when I went to a public high school because the Catholic school I attended previously didn't teach sewing.  When I took my first sewing class as a freshman and was supposed to make a dress, I didn't do well.  My mother never let me sew on her machine (my befuddlement with technology began at this early age).  The teacher told a friend of my mom's, "that girl can sew anything by hand but give her a machine and she's lost."  I didn't learn to sew with a machine until I was an adult.

Nann shared an interesting treasure and it can be found at this post.  It's a notebook from sewing classes and it was a joy to review!  Thank you Nann!  Check it out!


More Bunnies!  

Check out Diann's bunny pillow that she is working on at her post here!

The Literate Quilter blog shared a variety of bunny quilts that were being displayed at a library.  You've got to see them!  Go here!

Wishing you a safe and happy Wednesday!

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  1. Our school had sewing in jr high as well as HS. I loved sewing, mother sewed most of the clothes we girls wore. Good example, you know! When I did my student teaching the H. EC. teacher I worked under had the girls do samples for their own later reference. Since our move I do not think I still have mine.