Thursday, April 21, 2022

Tulip Time!


My sincere sympathy for those of you who had snow this past week.  We had sleet on Easter but it didn't last long and melted right away.  Friends tell me that it snowed a bit on the way to work Tuesday morning.  I think we have all had it with winter by now.

Tulips are beginning to bloom here in my neighborhood.  The flowers are a favorite with quilters--in the past and in the present.  There are so many patterns that I only am sharing a few with you today...

Summer tulips by Nancy Cabot.  I actually think of tulips as a spring flower but who am I to argue?

There are a variety of what is referred to as "Wind Blown Tulips"; it's very pretty:

Florence La Ganke designed a quilt pattern called "Tulip Time" but I think we all consider this a basket pattern.  Maybe it's a basket for tulips?

Here's a Bowl of Tulips that Mountain Mist offered:

It seems to me that a lot of 19th century quilters used tulips quite a bit.  This lady used a tulip motif on the border of her quilt top:

One of my personal favorites is this charming crib coverlet full of tulip blooms:

What's blooming in your garden?  If you want to share what you've been up to, email me at!

Have a safe and happy day!

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  1. I'm planning a tulip quilt for this spring. No tulips in southern Michigan today, but my daffs are blooming beautifully, and the forsythia are pretty. We had too many below average days. I had to cover the budding roses last week for several nights in aa row!