Monday, April 4, 2022

No Fuss Embroidered Flowers

 Happy Monday!  

Did you have a nice weekend?

Life is funny.  Through the pandemic, I just didn't have the heart to embroider.  In January, I forced myself to start the bunny calendar quilt...and that was a struggle for me to even finish one block a month!  

Then the invasion of Ukraine happened and I can't seem to stop embroidering!!!  I have three projects going right now.  Today I want to show you a project I completed years ago.  It was a sample for programs I originally did as a challenge and then I used it for the embroidered quilts program I used to give at guilds.

It all started with some backing fabric I bought at my local fabric store.

I actually saw that the backing fabric is still available for sale (here).  I still have some in my stash but I am surprised this is still available.  Better yet, the fabric is from Santee Printworks so it's printed here in the USA.

The fabric inspired the project.  It is a light grey floral print on white.  

The whole inspiration was that I thought it could be embroidered--a no muss/no fuss type of project that didn't require iron-on transfers or special pens.

I kept one lone flower un-embroidered for the folks at quilt guilds to see (lower right corner).  

And then I made it into a table runner.  

As for the yo-yo--I'm not sure why I added that but I'm sure it was for a challenge (either online yahoo group or my own quilt guild).  Anyway, I probably should have ironed this before I photographed it--sorry for the fold lines!

Anyway, it's just an idea I wanted to share with you.

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. This is such a neat idea, so pretty! Happy stitching!

  2. ✂️ 🧵 What a neat idea! I like it a lot. An individual embroidered flower would make a neat iron on for an apron or something too! Enjoy your day! 🌻 🐦