Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Bunny Post...

Currently we have two rabbits residing in our garden.  One is very large and plump.  The other is quite smaller and less afraid of us.  Scout is quite oblivious to them and they tend to startle her more than she does them.

Above is the small one eating my neighbor's peony shoots. 
I swear to you--as I was writing this, I saw him outside of my window. 

I love rabbits but am allergic to them so I enjoy them in our garden.  Currently they seem to be eating my hostas--right down to the ground.  

Today's silly post is about bunnies.   I finished another bunny block for my calendar quilt.

One of my fears about making this quilt is getting the faces to look benign and not frightening.  I've seen a lot of bunny textiles and believe me, some of them make even me uneasy.  For the most part, the images make me laugh.  I call them "bad bunnies."

Here are some of my favorites:

Not sure why, but this pattern for a bunny pillow creeps me out.  It's the smile of the rabbit--as if there is something not quite right going on in the animal's mind.  It somewhat reminds me of the Monty Python movies that my Dad and brothers loved to watch (there was one killer rabbit in one of the movies).

Here's a rabbit depicted on a child's bib.  The bunny looks quite annoyed or like he's part cat.   I think I would have been afraid of him as a child.

This one also looks ferocious to me:

I know, I know rabbits can have eyes that appear red/pink.  But I don't really want that around my great niece who will soon be born:

The very angry bunny:

Two different versions of the same pattern.  Just telling you that because the maker wasn't flawed in the execution.  I think this guy looks like he is saying, "Eat your vegetables, OR ELSE!"

Some just strike me as funny:

Fortunately, bad bunnies are not the norm.  Most bunnies appear adorable like this one that I found on pinterest:

Now if you have a sweet child in your life, you may want to celebrate spring by making them a pillow (free pattern and tutorial) and stuffed carrots.  Beth shared that she is going to be doing this with her granddaughter and you can see this tutorial as well as many others here at Shabby Fabrics.

Do you like Peeps?  They are made right here in the Lehigh Valley where I live.  It's mandatory to like them if you grew up here.  We are so crazy about Peeps that on New Year's Eve, we don't drop a ball, we drop a Peep!  See here.  When my great-niece finally arrives (in May), I'll be more inclined to make her a stuffed peep and there are lots of free patterns on line.

One last thing, I was thinking about "bad bunnies" and did a google search to see if anyone else talked about them.  Instead I found that there is a rapper named "Bad Bunny"---hilarious and not at all what I think of when I think of rap music.

Have a lovely and safe day!

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