Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Tuesday's This and That: April 26, 2022

 Happy Tuesday to you!

Last week I wrote about Cathedral Windows quilts and Libby contacted me about one her mother made for her when she was young.  I love quilts like this.  Libby's quilt features many of her outfits from her youth and you need to see this quilt.  Please visit her blog here to view this wonderful piece!!!


Yesterday's post about Dandelions was quite popular.

Nann sent me a photo of a cross-stitch she did years ago.  It's really adorable and makes me want to cross-stitch again!!

Don't you just love this?  I do!

Most of you commented about the benefits of the dandelions to pollinators, especially the bees.  Wendy  commented that a few towns in Maine even prohibit the mowing of lawns until Memorial Day to give the bees a chance to fill their hives.  I should probably mention that the only dandelions I remove are the ones that sprout up in my flower beds.  Most of the folks in my neighborhood do the same.  It seems this community isn't as interested in the perfect lawn as in some areas. 


Remember when Karen Nyberg quilted in space?
This was many years ago but it was so wonderful to see an astronaut that loved to sew as much as we do (article here and here).

Well the retired astronaut has now designed fabric inspired by her experiences in space.  Smithsonian Magazine recently published an article about her designs.   You can read the article here and I saw that many of the manufactures have the fabric.


Have a safe and happy day!

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