Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Attic Windows

 Happy Wednesday!  It seems like it is that time of year when we start spring cleaning and washing our windows.  Okay, I'll wait on the windows until it gets a little warmer...

This is a crib quilt in what we often refer to as the "Cathedral Windows" pattern.  I can't seem to get the colors to photograph well but it is a seafoam green and yellow.  Once when I took it to quilt study, most of the participants thought it was rather late for this style quilt.  The fabrics appear to be from the 1960s.

Actually, this pattern has a variety of names.  I had to look it up in Brackman's because one reference referred to it as "Attic Windows" and stated this: 
"The past few years we have seen the emergence of this same technique, now glorified with the name, Cathedral Windows."

 The booklet has no copyright but the publication address has a zip code (zip codes were instituted in 1963). And I found ads for the booklet in the 1970s.

I can tell you that there were lots of ads for this pattern in the 1970s and even 1980s.  Interestingly enough, the Laura Wheeler version was called the Attic Window Quilt and marketed as "Quilt As you Sew".  
For those of you that never made one are unfamiliar with the pattern, the pattern isn't quilted because the folds of the pattern make up the weight.

As I mentioned the pattern had a variety of names in the earlier part of the century including Mock Orange, Daisy Block, and Prairie Star according to Brackman.

Beth did quilt restoration for a number of years and saw many MANY quilts of this pattern that had to be restored.  I think she would have loved the one name that Brackman cited for the pattern: "Pain in the Neck" quilt  😂😂😂

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. I'll send you a picture of the one my mother made for me, entirely by hand, with all my old dress and play clothes fabrics in the windows.

  2. Love Barbara's name for it. Saw a lady making o e of these as she sat with her husband in the nursing home.