Thursday, April 7, 2022

Play Ball!

Good morning!  

Today marks the first official day of baseball season!

The above photo is from an embroidered coverlet in my collection.  There's no date on it but the maker sure went to great lengths to personalize the coverlet.

I haven't found many baseball themed vintage or antique quilts.  Still there was one way that quilters sometimes incorporated baseball themed blocks in their work--with tobacco silks or flannels that were a premium sold with tobacco.

Quite a few of them celebrated not only professional players (as above) but college teams as well:

These premiums could be sewn into a quilt or often a coverlet.  Here is a photo I found of one on Pinterest:

The flannel ones tend to age better than the silk ones.

Here's a fun article you may want to read on the tobacco.

The only free gift I remember our family received for buying something was free glassware and dishes in boxes of detergent.

Tomorrow is our Friendship/Flower Friday.  If you have anything to share, please email me at

Have a safe and happy opening day!


  1. My son, the Ultimate Fan, will be glued to the TV all day today. As a newlywed, I furnished my kitchen with glasses from DUZ and also dishes that were premiums at the grocery store for $X spent.

  2. How about Cracker Jack prizes?

  3. Yes, I remember nice stemware in ... I think it was Tide.