Friday, October 8, 2021

Flower Friday: October 8, 2021

 Happy Flower Friday!

Today we have a nice selection of flowers to brighten our day and begin our weekend!

Nann sent this wildflower, one of her favorites called  Fringed Gentian.  Isn't it neat?  Nann took photos of these at Illinois Beach State Park:

Diane P. sent this photo.  She wrote: "It's not a flower but a monarch chrysalis ready to go."  Love that!

Libby sent a photo of the last of the encore azaleas.  I didn't know the name of those kinds of azaleas.  My neighbor has one that also blooms in the fall:

Sue sent a photo of autumn crocus:


Thanks everyone!  I really appreciate it!
Fairly soon we will have our first frost so it's wonderful that we can appreciate what flowers we have left!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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