Friday, October 15, 2021

Flower Friday: October 15, 2021

 Happy Flower Friday!

Friends shared an abundance of flowers for today's bouquet!

This week our theme seems to be the grand finale.  

I'm referring to this gardening quote:

Alice wrote that her clematis is confused!  

Her clematis normally blooms only in the spring:

Robin (I think it is Robin who sent this) was delighted when she found one small violet blooming in the center of this bunch:

Robin is in a part of the country that has water restrictions due to drought.  Her garden is a true testimony to her gardening efforts.  Look at these dahlias above and below!

Robin's marigolds:

Linda sent a photo of her hillside bouquet. 
Love the colors!  The blue flowers are asters:

Sue P. sent a photo of her Toad Lilies that the deer graciously left her:

Lorraine had these beauties to share!
Dinner Plate Dahlia!  Wowza!

Cup and Saucer Vine from her daughter's house


Late blooming mums.

Thank you all for your participation!
Have a safe and happy weekend and enjoy the lovely autumn!

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