Friday, September 3, 2021

Flower Friday: September 3, 2021

 Happy Flower Friday!

We are enjoying a brief spell of cool weather in the Northeast part of Pennsylvania and it's wonderful to comfortably work in the garden.  

Sue sent this wonderful photo of her hydrangea:

and her Garlic Chives in full bloom:

Sue says this is her last rose of summer.  Fortunately they made it through the storm:

My moon vine began blooming last week.  Here is the first flower that bloomed:

These are the seed pods from Balsam that I talked about before.  The touch me not seeds aren't quite completely ready to harvest but I'll show you the seeds when they are!

Another 4:00:

Our celosia or cock's comb haven't been performing well this year.  I noticed that my neighbors aren't either.  Have you had a good crop of that annual?

Our pretty hibiscus continues to please us.  It just keeps on blooming!

Decades ago, HGTV used to have some wonderful gardening shows.  This is a pretty common form of a variegated hosta.  But as soon as I saw this plant this morning, I realized I had to work on it.  I recalled an old HGTV show that taught that when you see green leaves forming on a plant like this, you have to cut them out right away or the plant will become solid green.  That's on today's list in the garden!

Have a safe and happy weekend!


  1. A lovely flower show! I was just reading about moon vines. (Where? Random access memory kicks in: The Quilted Garden by Jane Sassaman.)

  2. The moon flower is perfect. So lovely.