Monday, September 27, 2021

Candy Colored Log Cabin

 My husband and I are early to bed, early to rise.  Like many married couples, we have our rituals that are meaningless to anyone else but important to us.  We don't speak much before we've had our second cup of coffee but we always ALWAYS say "good morning" to each other as we silently do our caffeinating.

As the second pot of coffee brews, one of us gets the newspaper which is usually delivered by that time.

 This morning I went out for the newspaper at 6:20.   I was a bit taken aback at how dark it was for that time.  Now I'm realizing that there is a thick cloud cover out there which made the world appear darker and the day shorter.  

What kind of rituals are part of your morning?  My Nana and Pop had an interesting one.  Nana was a big dreamer...literally, while sleeping she would have big technicolor dreams.  Each morning while the couple shared their morning coffee, Pop would ask, "Well Betty, what did you dream last night?"  It seemed like her sleep patterns were way more fun than anyone else's...

I tend to think of a quilt when I first wake up.  One that I've made, am making, or one that I've collected.  Perhaps as a prelude to this morning's dark dawn, I awoke thinking of what I call, "The Candy Colored Log Cabin." Here are two (not so great) photos of it that I had in my file.

The log cabin quilt is from the 1940s.  
I think of it as a jumble of joyfulness and love the aqua center pieces.

I hope this quilt puts a smile on your face as the season changes.

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Oh wow, what a great post! I love morning rituals. We are still working so our weekday mornings are pretty mundane, but weekends are great. I'm the early bird, so I get a few hours of sewing in before I hear the oven door open and he starts the bacon (our weekly treat). I adore your candy colored Log Cabin. Those colors are popular again in the quilt world, especially with the younger folks. Thanks for a great post!

  2. We have pancake breakfast made by my husband every Saturday morning. He has his part of prep and I have mine. He's learned to make fabulous pancakes with pecans and fruit on top. We try not to let anything interfere with our Saturday morning, but we have been known to move it to Sunday morning and this past weekend it was Sunday brunch!
    I like the log cabin quilt colors. The aqua is beautiful!

  3. Oh, that one did make me smile! That's a pretty quilt! We sound much like you and your husband - start the coffee, read the newspaper before anything else. I love our morning routine when there's no hurry to get somewhere early!

  4. Yes the "Candy Colored Log Cabin" put a smile on my face. I love the aqua centers too. Aqua makes me happy!

  5. What a sweet log cabin, made from the scraps of dresses and aprons, so colorful! I love it!