Thursday, September 30, 2021

Apple-A-Day Quilt

 My husband and I have been eating local apples this week.  There is something so perfect about apples in the fall.  The fruit is as crisp as the cool weather but not too sweet.

I always seem to post this quilt this time of year and guess what, here it is again!

The quilt is called an "An Apple-A-Day" or sometimes just the "Apple Quilt."  Here is a an ad for the pattern published in October of 1942.

For people who preferred strawberries, there was a strawberry ensemble published as well:

Apparently the strawberry quilt was more popular.  I always seem to find more photos of that quilt on pinterest and online auctions.  Maybe the apple quilt wasn't made as much.  Maybe it didn't survive as much.  But strawberry versions seemed to have fared better:

Of course maybe folks just like to finish their apples!
This apple core quilt top is hand pieced and circa 1935:

This is fabric below is unusual because it has an optical illusion quality to it:

The green version:

Well my husband and I have a lot to do this morning.  We are off to the farmer's market...and yup, we're buying more apples!

Tomorrow is Flower Friday and if you wish to share a photo, email me at

Have a safe and happy day!

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