Friday, September 10, 2021

Flower Friday: September 10, 2021`


It's Flower Friday!  The days are shorter, the evenings are cooler, and now I see the kids walking to school.  Clean-up in the garden has commenced as we all brace for the inevitable falling of the leaves in a month.

This week we had a fun photo from Nann of a bumble bee busily collecting pollen from a teasel:

Sue sent a photo of a perennial Ageratum.  In her area, she has a lot of deer and she said this is one of the few flowers the Bambis have left:

In my garden, most of the potted annuals are looking poorly but the salvia that I planted in the ground has come into it's own and is vivid:

The Turtle Head (Chelone) is in bloom with the Beauty Berry Bush that Barb S. gifted me a few years ago:

The roses are valiantly blooming:

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend!
Stay well!

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