Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Happy Suffrage Centennial Day!

Today is the official centennial of women's right to vote.  The Amendment was certified on this date.  The rest is history.  

Real battles are won by soldiers, not generals.  Today I want to thank all the lesser known suffrage soldiers for their amazing work in getting our amendment passed.  We may never know what happened to many of them later in life but today we mark the day by celebrating their valor and commitment.

One of those lesser known soldiers was Kate Cleaver Heffelfinger of Shamokin, Pennsylvania.  Her poem was published in 1918 in The Suffragist.

To the Women of the Future
By Kate Cleaver Heffelfinger

In the joy of bread you give
To your children, strong to live,
If old striving be forgot,
And starvation be forgot,
Think on them that dreamed your real
And were broken on life's wheel.
It was they who stormed the gate
Open, but for them too late.
Future women, past that portal,
Keep their youth's spilled wine immortal!

Kate being assisted after she was released from the Occoquan Workhouse in 1917.  She had been on a hunger strike and was forcibly fed in prison.

Happy Suffrage Centennial Day dear readers!  Now make sure you have your voting plan in order!!!

Have a safe and happy day!

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