Friday, August 21, 2020

Flower Friday: August 21, 2020

It's Flower Friday and our first Friday of our new blooming theme!  Linda sent me this photo from her garden, lovely morning glories Linda and love your sign!

Beth sent this link which you have to see!  It is suffrage themed but oh what a glorious field!!
Hit here.

Here are some other lovelies to brighten your day!

Flowers are like human beings, they come in a variety of colors and shapes--and in our case, textures.  This is a Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt I bought years ago at a yard sale down the street.

 Actually there were two of them.  One I gave to Beth and the other I have here at home.  Our neighbor was a sweet old man who walked his little white dog faithfully.  He was one of the original families of the neighborhood and when he was in his 90s, he sold his house and moved in with his son.  The son couldn't remember who made the quilts but found two of them in the closet.
If you would like to share a flower or floral anything with us, email me a photo at  PS--It doesn't have to be a vintage piece, just something that speaks to you!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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  1. Beautiful flower photos! The first one is my fave.

    You were fortunate to get your hands on that Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt so close to home.