Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Tuesday's This and That:


Here's some embroidery that I found on pinterest that I thought was interesting:

I followed the pinterest leads and found these pieces were from this blog.  Interestingly, these pieces are not reflective of North Americans during World War 2.  They are British slogans.  Clues include the gas mask slogan:

And the slogan on the firebomb piece:


On Friday, I returned my mom's dog to her.  She had been out of the hospital for nearly a week.  It's been a tough couple of weeks, running between caring for her and for my husband who is recuperating from having his gall bladder removed.  And of course, we had Kerry (mom's dog) here.  I had to also take Kerry to the vet on Thursday.  

Kerry was diagnosed with an ear infection.  Poor thing was so uncomfortable that she was even moaning in her sleep.  It was best, we all decided, for her to return to mom's where she could lay around with the old woman who doesn't do much anyway.

I didn't sleep much during these weeks because of the anxiety of it all.

But Saturday I declared as a me-day.  I didn't go to my mom's.  I didn't walk the dog.  I didn't cook (in fact my husband even made me breakfast). I played in the sewing room and planned what I would do in the garden once the heat broke.  

There was one other thing that happened during this two week interval.  I saw my hand doctor.  One does not relinquish appointments with him because he is the best and most popular specialist.  
The right hand is now scheduled for surgery in October.  While there, I asked him to look at my left hand (the surgery on that hand had been done in November).  The surgery has helped the trigger fingers in the 4 digits.  Although I've known I had carpel tunnel in the left hand, it's gotten worse as I've gardened with the left hand to protect the right.  "And another thing," I told the doctor.  "I think I jammed my thumb while housecleaning a month ago and it isn't getting better."

Dr. T. felt the thumb.  "Nope," he said.  "You now have trigger finger in your thumb."


So now, after I have the right hand is healed, Doc T. has to operate on the left again.  He said he can do the carpel surgery at the same time as the thumb.


Wishing you a safe and happy day!


  1. My Goodness! It sounds like you have some frustrating days ahead. I guess the good news is that surgeries will solve your discomfort in the long run. I enjoyed the embroideries. I hope it brought the maker some degree of comfort to work on them. Hard times. . .

  2. Michele, I'm so sorry to hear you're going through all this with your hands, on top of everything else. So glad you saw the doctor and took a day for yourself. Sending you some hugs - take care!

  3. Yikes, we need these digits! But thank goodness you have a great doc who can take care of you and them! There's always something at our ages it seems.