Friday, August 25, 2023

Flower Friday: August 25, 2023


Happy Flower Friday!

Today we are lucky to have flower photos from Sue and Libby.  Libby was recently in Iceland and shared that they do a lot with decorative cabbages there.  

She also shared this wonderful photo of Hollyhocks!

Sue shared some lovely photos this week!  

How about this lovely photo of echinacea:

Linda, Sue's cat among the false sunflowers :)  Linda looks thrilled about being a Flower Friday model...or perhaps she is surveying an animal out in the distance?

Sue's rudbeckia that amazingly the deer overlooked:

And...Sue has morning glories popping up!  
Love the blue color!

Thanks Libby and Sue for sharing your photos!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Technically, I think they are called "ornamental" cabbage. Couldn't think of the word when I sent the picture.

  2. The flowers in Iceland are amazing. I really like knowing any picture's location. It's interesting to see what is growing in our wonderful world.

  3. Beautiful flowers all! So much happiness in one post, Michele.