Monday, August 21, 2023

Make-Do Monday


Happy Monday!

Many of you expressed an interest in last Monday's post. I shared that I found I had used up a substantial part of my scrap fabric and had a number of blocks finished.  What you wanted to know/see what was I would do with them.  Well last week I finished two projects for the men in my life using scraps.

My husband is an Eagles football team fan.  My brother loves the Minnesota Vikings.  I had football scraps from quilts that I made for the kids.  Not surprising there wasn't much left of the Eagles fabric (our local team) and what I had was a bit wonky (probably why I didn't use the pieces).  

Still I decided to use what I had.  I made a Vikings pillow for my brother and a small wall hanging.  Jim doesn't have a lot of room on his walls for a bigger wall hanging and fortunately, he loves pillows.  

For my husband, I made an Eagles wall hanging and a mat/mug rug thing for his desk in his man cave.

Sorry the photo is so yellow.  Weird light when I photographed the pieces.

I'll wait until football season officially commences to give them their gifts (September 7).  The wall hanging for my husband, I'll just hang in the dining room as a surprise. 😁

I'll decide next week if I have enough Washington Commanders fabric to make a small piece for my neighbor.  

I likely won't get much sewing done this week as Kerry, my mom's dog, is staying for the week.  

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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