Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Tuesday's This and That: August 15, 2023


Happy Tuesday!

One of the thrills when collecting quilts is finding "a quilt in a quilt."  This happens when another quilt has been used for batting.  It's not that we find this often but when we do, we rejoice in finding just what was used inside.  I've written about this before (here).

But what surprised me when I was doing a search on using old quilts was how many times this was encouraged in newspapers.  Nearly every decade featured an article that suggested re-using old quilts this way.


Often the suggestion was to make a comfort (or comforter) by tying the piece like the above article from 1929.

This method was apparently implemented well into the modern era.   Below--1962:

As it turns out, old quilts were used for a variety of reasons and I'll explore those topics this week!


Here's a pattern called "Rail Fence."  It's different than what most of us associate as a Rail Fence quilt!


Have a safe and happy day!

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