Thursday, August 24, 2023

Popular Flowers


Good morning and happy Thursday!

I've been wondering what are the most popular flowering plants in the U.S. and Canada.  You would think this is an easy thing to find but it isn't.  Perhaps it is because of the different zones where plants grow.  I finally stumbled upon the most flowering plant seeds sold in the U.S. which Google compiled from "sources across the web".  The results aren't that surprising:

Zinnia, Marigolds, Sunflowers, Cosmos, Coneflowers, Snapdragons, Asters, Impatiens, Petunias, and Ageratum.

One of the most interesting sites I found featured the official flowers of Canadian provinces and that was enlightening because I didn't know many of the plants.  You can read and see photos at this website.

In your region, what appears to be the most popular flower incorporated into gardens?  

Tomorrow is Flower Friday and if you want to share photos for the rest of us, please email me at!

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  1. We saw beautiful flowers this month, not only in the Atlantic provinces, but also in Iceland. We went to a botanical garden in Akureyri that used a LOT of decorative cabbage in their displays, but had tons of other beautiful stuff, too. I'll try to send you pics if they're not stuck in the Cloud.