Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Designs Still Worth Doing: Patchwork Parades


One pattern I frequently forget to mention is the Patchwork Sampler Quilt.  Collectors keep an eye for quilt with this pattern.  They tend to go for a lot of money at auctions.  You can see a wonderful piece here.

In 1931, McKim published not only her book (last week's entry) but also a new pattern called Patchwork Parade of States which was syndicated in many newspapers.

Washington State Quilt Pattern

"Mohawk Trail" was the pattern for New York state.

In 1931, the McKims published a new catalog called Designs Worth Doing.  It offered mail order patterns and kits for a variety of needlework.

One of the patterns I loved in this catalog was the Animal Alphabet Monograms.  I was excited when Merrily offered this and the floral monograms at McKim Studios.

Quilt patterns offered in the catalog included many of the patterns she had previously designed and some new ones like Bonnet Babies that featured Little Boy Blue and Mary in search of her little lambs.  It's not my favorite sunbonnet but every designer seemed to make at least one type of sunbonnet:

In 1932, the Fruit Basket Series was syndicated in newspapers as well.  A flower basket version (using the same basket) was also later offered:

In 1933, The Toy Shop Window pattern was introduced:

And in 1934, The Three Little Pigs pattern was published.  

I don't think I would ever do the Toy Shop Window.  I'm not impressed with the motifs.  I know I wouldn't do the Three Little Pigs.  Although the pigs are cute, I can't see putting a big wolf in the middle of the quilt.

One of the best series quilts was the American Ships pattern.  This was a perfect pattern for a boy and could easily grow with him as he aged.

I have a top of this pattern but the design focuses simply on the ships.  I still liked it and the woman who embroidered the blocks was disabled.  Her daughter assembled the blocks.

Things were about to change for the McKims but we have a few more patterns to review.  

Wishing you a safe and happy day!

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  1. Such a variety of patterns. The animal alphabet looks like fun. I kind of liked the toy shop window pattern. Probably because I'm trying to come up with another Christmas quilt with toys and ornaments on it. The 3 little pigs quilt was intriguing. The houses are so cute and I love the lettering. The wolf is a little too menacing for me. The big dots and scalloped edge is a nice cheerful touch for a child's quilt.