Friday, November 18, 2022

Flower Friday: November 18, 2022

 Happy Flower Friday!

Thank you to everyone who gave advice regarding the "Out of the Blue" quilt I want to make!  Yes I will include the navy squares in the quilt!  Thank you!

Well it's the last celebration of flowers for the season--unless you live in a warm climate and can still share photos with us. 

As a city gardener, I'm a bit lucky.  I've got a few microclimate areas that have remained warm enough for the plants to survive.

Impatiens in the breezeway:

Begonias--also in the breezeway:

And one lone coneflower has bloomed this week:

None of these flowers will survive this weekend when the high is only going to be 30 something Farenheit and the lows will be down in the teens.  It will be cold this weekend, but I'll cuddle up with my puppy and my sewing machine!

For now, we will switch to Friendship Fridays.  I think most of us would enjoy seeing more of your world so consider some things you can share:

* Your sewing space

*Vintage or antique treasures

* Animal companions

* Projects!

* Humorous memes!

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!


  1. I have some roses peeking out through our first 2" of the wet stuff. But I won't pick them because then the plant will try to make more and it needs to go dormant!

  2. I had dianthus blooming until just a few weeks ago. But today we're covered in snow and it's not supposed to get out of the 20s, so nothing blooming here. Makes me want to work on my Frosty the Snowman quilt! Have a great Friday, Michele!