Thursday, November 3, 2022

Another Mystery Solved!

Two years ago, I brought 2 items to the study group and we wondered what the heck they were.  We couldn't even imagine a good reason for sewing these things unless it was just practice.  I've got the flu.  I caught it from caring my mom and my entire family here has Influenza A.  I masked, wore gloves, and sanitized but to no avail.  I'm not as bad as some.  My SIL is in the hospital and fortunately, Mom is turning the corner.

I've been laying in the recliner watching whatever I can find on tv (not much as I never watch tv during the day).  But then!  I found an old rerun of "Sewing With Nancy" and the research fairies sent me a get well gift.  The episodes was on gifts one could make.  Here's the website.

Nancy and her guest showed how to make a two pocket shoe bag!

Oh my that's what I have...I think.  My mystery textile is similar but appeared to have been made sometime between 1930s or 60s.  Here's the "mystery pants" as I have always called them.  I could never figure out why the bottom of the pants were sewed closed!

So of course, I had to find out more.  The secret to searching for this was adding the word "shoe" to the pants description.  No, not this kind of shoe bag!

Actually, I found similar vintage items on ebay and etsy:

There's even a poem to go with these!

"When you travel near and far
Go by plane or train or car,
These slipper slacks be sure to use
In the pockets put your hose
And toss them in among your clothes."

Okay so they are called "slipper sacks"--I love it!

Once I knew the official name, I found lots of articles mentioning them.  Like Mrs. Davenny who sold hundreds of slipper slacks to raise money for her favorite political party:

Mostly this seems like a popular 4-H project.  I found quite a number of 4-H groups making them like this group from Canandaigua NY:

Despite my assumption that my slacks were made before 1960, I am quite sure I was wrong.  All the 4-H programs and news articles were published in the 1960s.  So my maker most likely simply used older fabrics--a likely theory considering it was a child's project.

I am just grateful to have this mystery solved.  If you wait enough decades, you may just find the answers to your mysteries!

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Have a safe and happy day!

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