Monday, November 14, 2022

A Forest of Quilt Trees

 One of the many quilts awaiting for my attention is a tree quilt that I would like to make one day.  A similar version is at Diary of A Quilter blog here.  I thought it would be a good way to use up bigger but not novelty scraps.  Anyway, I've been thinking about it and recently Jocelyn blogged she is currently working on one too.

We are all noticing that our trees are getting bare and then Sue M. reminded me that Christmas is only 6 weeks away!  Do you still put up a Christmas tree?  We haven't in years although we have a nice small one I could put out.  

Anyway--let's look at some quilt patterns for trees.  I have a whole forest for you!

This quilt pattern is one of the oldest I know of.  I have one as well in my collection.

Ruth Finley, 1929

Nancy Page, 1934

19th century quilt from my collection.  The green fabric was fugitive and each tree is now a khaki color.

Here's Pine Tree from Nancy Cabot, 1934:

Laura Wheeler, Pine Tree Quilt Pattern, 1951

The pattern below is also called Pine Tree and was offered by Anne Cabot in 1942.  It doesn't resemble a tree at all but is what I always referred to as "economy block."  I was trying to figure out why she called it this but maybe she is looking from the tree top down?

Not a fan of pine trees, here's some other patterns that may suit your forest:
Little Beech Tree, Detroit Free Press, 1932

Apple Tree, Spokesman-Review, 1934.

Lozenge Tree, Detroit Free Press, 1936

Wishing you a safe and happy day!


  1. I see a resemblance between the Pine Tree Quilt 5405 to a pine burr block so maybe?

  2. I have a tree quilt that I made that is still not finished! I loved making it, not sure why I've left it unfinished for so long. The tree quilt designs you show are very intricate - all those HSTs in the first one!