Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tuesday's This and That: May 24, 2022

  Sue emailed me yesterday.  She thought I was in the garden (yup), she was at the dentist but also...she referred to this quilt from Ebay (it sold yesterday).  It was a WW 2 signature quilt made for friendship or fundraising. The original listing is here and you can still study it.  It was from Bay City, MI:

Very intersting layout!

I love this striped border.  Simple but makes an impact!


Sharing two article you might enjoy!

  The article is called "How Quilting is Getting Me Through the Pandemic."  You can read it here.  I love the sentence referring to quilts: "They mark the most human of moments."
The other article is "Every Quilt Tells A Story--From Hardship to Hope" and features a quilt exhibit at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.  Enjoy the photos of the quilts and read it here!


Have a safe and happy day!

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