Sunday, May 1, 2022

Happy May Day!

 Why yes, it's unusual for me to post on a Sunday but I wanted to wish you a Happy May Day!

I'm going to guess that many of you remember growing up during the Cold War when May Day wasn't celebrated because it was considered a communistic holiday.  Although it was celebrated as  "the International Workers Day" in communistic countries, the actual holiday has been celebrated--and still is-- for centuries in most cultures as the first day of spring.  I have elderly neighbors who remember dancing around the May Pole when they were young.

May Day is often featured in early 20th century textiles.  I don't own a single piece that features this holiday but found some on Pinterest and online auctions to share with you:

Tablecloths include this beauty found via pinterest on another blog.

It's my favorite season and favorite month and I hope you get to enjoy a wonderful warm day to celebrate!

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  1. The primary school I attended in Richmond, VA had an elaborate May Day celebration every year. I was the "second in line" and got to crown the queen. Several mothers, including mine, got together and sewed our matching organdy gowns. I wore mine to the Christmas Tea Dance when we moved to TN the next year.