Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Our sweet great-niece is doing well!  Here she is with my youngest brother (her grandfather).  She appears to be a very alert baby!

Maggie texts us photos and then I print them out to show my mother.  After oohing and ahhing over the baby, my mother asked, "What's with these earth tones for babies' these days?"

Well the truth is that our babies often reflect textile fads.  When my baby was born, we went with primary colors that coordinated with the Sesame Street theme we used.  My youngest brother (above) had a nursery that featured Winnie-The-Pooh and more pastel earth tones, particularly peach.

Most of us will remember a highly favored rosebud fabric used for babies.  I found a photo of a flannel version on pinterest:

I suspect this print was used for decades although scale and style somewhat changed.  I remember there was even a blue and yellow version of the rosebuds.

And that brings me to another quilt in my collection.  I suspect this pattern was designed solely by the maker and it features a little bit of everything:

The quilt features appliqued rosebuds and nine patches:

I suspect from the colors of the 9 patches and the pink that it was made in the 1930s.  By the way, the fabric in the 9 patches was not a loose weave like we see in a feed sack but store bought yardage.  The most unique aspect of the quilt is the embroidered border.  The maker likely used an iron-on transfer; whole packets of border motifs were sold by then.

And in where the border met, special cornerstones were created a well:

Have a safe and fun day!

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  1. Pretty quilt, and interesting about iron on transfers, and the pretty embroidered border. Such a sweet baby. Yep my girls all had receiving blankets made out the flannel baby rosebuds. Pink, yellow, and blue. I like the earth tones much better than the neon green and neon pink leopard and zebra prints from about 10 years ago, on and black.