Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tuesday's This and That: May 17, 2022

Happy Tuesday!

May is my favorite month and to be honest, I'm spending more time outdoors than indoors.  But as I hunted around the internet for some news, I found an interesting site that had a few articles I thought I would share.  The site is called "Curated Quilts" and I like it because it shares recent quilts.  

Claude Debussy once wrote that "music is the space between the notes."  In art and quilting we call this "negative space" and it is just as important as whatever we feature with our pens or needles.  One of the articles on Curated Quilts features quilts that celebrate negative space.  

Another post I enjoyed featured quilts that represented solidarity with Ukraine.  

The last article I studied featured Temperature Quilts--if you haven't seen one of these or know someone that is doing one it's an interesting concept.  A few quilters I know have done these.  Each day of the year, a different block or piece is added to the top to represent the temperature that day.  A good article on these quilts is also here.

Now I am off to walk the dog and get out into the garden...it's seed planting day!

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. I started a temperature quilt last year and made it to March before I got hopelessly behind. My pattern was a little too involved and I often had to re-sew, which really didn't help. I think I'll just enjoy looking at others'!

  2. Hi Michele, I'm caught up now on your posts. Beautiful flowers blooming so much ahead of us here in Ontario. But with the latest heat, things are popping out fast. That Bluebell quilt is a special treasure; I've never seen anything like it either and I comb vintage sites quite a lot. The Temperature quilt idea has filtered into cross stitching too and several folks are stitching year long projects. It would be neat to do one for here as our temperatures change so drastically throughout the seasons. Love this blog of yours!

  3. Maybe it was my dyslexia that made me read that as Temperance quilts. Now those would be interesting!