Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Doll Quilt Project

During my entire childhood, this doll was in a box on a shelf in my closet.  I was never to touch or play with this doll because she was "too good".  There were other dolls in boxes on that shelf but I never yearned to play or touch any of them as much as this one.  She is so pretty and has original necklace, socks, and shoes.  She has a crier (a box that makes noise) in her cloth body that still works.  She never had a name.

I now keep her in my office.  She's a reminder to me to not wait to use--or love--the " too good things" in life.  Yesterday I moved her into the sewing room.  I'm making doll quilts and I'm using her as my test baby.

Yesterday I sewed instead of gardening (I needed a knee and lower back break).  I finished one of my simple quilt tops yesterday. 

I'm making two but looked around for my next project as well.  I have a box of 2.5 in squares, perfect for doll quilts.  I knew just who to call.  Hughie and Paula are technically my uncle and aunt but we grew up together more as siblings.  They are the royal grandparents in the family.  I think they have 8 or 9 grandkids and most of them are girls under the age of 8 years old.

"Any chance your granddaughters might want some doll quilts?"  I asked Paula.  We went through the list of girls all who could benefit from a doll quilt.  

"Would you mind making one or two for my house?"  Paula asked,  "I have a doll crib and carriage the girls use here and they are always using my tea-towels for blankets."

I told Paula that tea-towels are completely unacceptable when you have a quiltmaker in the family.  We both laughed and now I have a new project on my list.  

The girls have different dolls and none are American Girl dolls.  I'm not sure if I should go 20 x 24 inches or 18 x 24 inches.  I'm thinking of going with the larger size but I may make some in a variety of sizes to fit the assortment of doll babies.  I'll put some together today and used the unnamed doll to test the sizes.

As for the doll, I am unsure about her lineage.  My Nana Elsie gave her to me when I was very young and  my mom doesn't remember a thing about her.   Last night while the tv was on, I looked through doll sites and suspect that she is a Horsman composition doll from the 1930s.  

Similar face and my doll has the same kind of bobby pins in her hair.  The Horsman Doll Factory moved from Trenton NJ to South Carolina in 1960, about the time that I received the doll.

My doll's arms show some crazing which I learned happens to composition doll.

She should be named something...any suggestions?  Did you have toys that you weren't allowed to touch when you were a kid?

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. I'd name her Elsie Anna for Nana Elsie. As a grandmother, I would be happy to see my granddaughters enjoy playing with my gift rather than the gift sitting in a closet. Lovely little doll.

  2. Very cute doll. All the little girls will really appreciate the dolly quilts. No special toys during my growing up years, they all got played with and of course wore out, even the Barbie dolls. Happy stitching!

  3. Yes, name her Elsie! I am gettng better about "using the good china." I see so many lovely things, rarely-used, at estate sales.