Friday, May 27, 2022

Flower Friday: May 27, 2022

 Happy Flower Friday!

Nann sent photos of a plant I never had heard of!
It's called Wood Betony or Canadian Lousewort.  As Nann pointed out, Wood Betony is a much prettier name 

With a bumblebee!

Thank you Nann!


Betsy's garden is really going gangbusters!

The foxgloves are at their peak in her garden!

Astrantia (pink) and cordyalis (yellow) are blooming!

A gift from one of Betsy's friends is this lily that looks more like an orchid!  So gorgeous!

An overview of Betsy's garden and the lovely Zephrine Drouhun Rose that Betsy says is quite fragrant!

Thanks for letting us visit your garden Betsy!

Have a safe and happy weekend friends!

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  1. I'm always inspired to go to the garden center after reading Friday's post!