Friday, June 11, 2021

Flower Friday: June 11, 2021

 Happy Flower Friday!

Today we have some real beauties!  

Lorraine sent these photos:

"Circle Flower" aka Lysimachia

"Rose Campion" aka Lychnis 

Sue sent these lovelies!

Lettuce!!!  Sue your lettuce looks grand!

 "Evening Primrose" or Oenothra Biennis

I've always known these primroses as "Sundrops" for the common name.  I think they are the same as Sue's.  Here is a photo of them blooming in my garden with spiderwort and feverfew:

The lavender is blooming now and those pink flowers are "Missouri primroses" or Oenethera Speciosa.

First rose on the last tea rose in our garden.  My husband and I loved to grow tea roses and had many varieties until about the last 5 years when they began to fade.  Some got the dreaded rose rosette disease.  This is the last chap standing and to be honest, I don't even remember the name of the rose anymore.  But it is pretty and fragrant!

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!

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