Tuesday, March 2, 2021

This and That Tuesday

 A number of features and answers today which is why it is This and That Tuesday!

Our celebration of our furry and feathered friends continues!  Sue sent us two photos:

Sue wrote "Vlad the Impaler is fond of the quilting hoop!"  When I asked how he got his name she wrote:  "When I adopted him at a year old, he hunkered down in the basement for a month.  Then he would sneak up at night and became Vlad the Prince of Darkness.  Carolyn remarked, yes until he scratches you then he's Vlad the Impaler.  He's a sweet boy but dumb as a box of rocks!"

Sue's sense of humor continues to crack me up!  She wrote, "This is my chair that I reupholstered in calico."

Diann sent us photos of her bird quilt.  She and her husband have not had a pet in a long time but they really enjoy watching the birds.  "We spend a lot of money for birds in our yard and enjoy their company a lot" she wrote.  She made this quilt for her husband.  I know a lot of quilters that are birders and I love this piece!

I noticed that the quilt had a lot of penguins and we know Diann loves penguins, her blog is called Little Penguin Quilts!

For some eye candy, you might want to check out the winners of Quilt Con 2021: you can peruse here.

One new follower emailed and asked why wasn't I celebrating women during Women's History month.  As I explained to her, that is pretty much every day here.  But in that vein, I want to share with you some redwork patterns I found recently on Etsy.  The patterns celebrate women suffragists and I think you would enjoy looking at the store.  It's by April Songstress and you can see the patterns here.  If I had known about these patterns earlier, I would have definately worked on a piece for our Suffrage Centennial Celebration!

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Well, I suppose it is only fitting that a quilter should have calico cats! So sweet.

  2. I was a bit surprised to see cat pictures on your blog. Calico cats are my favorite - my first cat Fluffy as a child and then Moira and Bess as an adult. I love their colors, but I think they come with a little more craziness than the average cat.

  3. I always love quilters and their cat photos! Thanks for sharing my pictures, too! I had quite a collection of bird fabrics (including penguins!), and it's gotten whittled down. I need to start collecting them again.