Thursday, March 4, 2021

Canines and Comfort!

 Sam sent a photo of her dog Damien.  He's not just a good companion, Damien models her quilts!!

Damien is sporting what appears to be a canine themed quilt, beautifully crafted with machine quilting.  Note how the stunning blue binding highlights Damien's eyes!  Donning a quilt like this is a sure way to appeal to girl dogs and quilters!  

This week I bid adieu to a comfort in my collection and thought I would post about it today.

My youngest son asked if I had something really warm for his bed.  His new apartment apparently is a bit chilly at night.  Yes indeed I did.
I've had this tied comfort for years but could never use it in a lecture because it is so big and thick that it requires it's own suitcase.
I'm a sucker for tied quilts especially when the Pennsylvania Germans used red wool to anchor the thread.
I also liked that the backing is all one grey and brown print, perfect for a masculine bed.

The next morning our boy texted to say thank you and the comfort had done the trick!  I think the quilter who made it would be delighted that over a 100 years later, it was still providing warmth and comfort!

This reminded me of this article I clipped that was syndicated in 1885:

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Have a safe and happy day!

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  1. Great newspaper article. I've been doing a lot of family history lately and I miss those old kindhearted grandmas. I'm glad you had something to keep your son warm.