Tuesday, March 30, 2021

This and That Tuesday: March 29, 2021

 It's time for This and That Tuesday!

Congratulations Wendy!!!

Kudos and congrats to Wendy who reads this block and who has quilts featured at the New England Quilt Musuem!  Whoo hoo and congrats Wendy!  You can see a preview of her quilts here.  Her work makes me wish I was better at applique.  Also I love her blog, check out her latest quilt with circles and some of her other work at her blog, The Constant Quilter.

Other blogs from readers you might find of interest:  

Diann from Colorado at Little Penguin Quilts 

Libby from Tennessee at Life On the Hill

Robin from Utah at I Like To Create

Nann from Illinois at With Strings Attached

Elvira from Spain at Retailes de Ilusion (Scraps of Illusion).



Some comments regarding last Flower Friday's post:

Libby in Tennessee loved Lorraine's many varieties of hellebores!

Many emails of gratitude for NOT having Sue's brazen deer in their garden!  😂


Here are some patterns I found on blogs this week.

There is an easy FREE pattern available over at a blog called Kairle Oaks Handcrafted Goodness.  She is shared a super easy but delightfully wonderful 4 patch quilt and you may wish to join her quilt-along.  See the quilt and the pattern here.

The Fat Quarter Shop has been sponsoring a "Sewcialites Quilt Along" since last summer.  It's also FREE!  I think I mentioned this previously but one of the aspects I appreciate on this pattern is that each block is labeled:  easy, intermediate, or experienced.  Additionally, they give instructions for a 3, 6, or 9 inch blocks which gives you more flexibility when you consider the project. I liked the tulip block featured last week!  Check it out here!

Barbara Brackman is featuring a FREE jelly roll pattern based on a vintage quilt over at her blog Material Culture here.

Wishing you a safe and happy day!

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! And, thanks for the links to interesting blogs. I love reading new (to me) blogs to see what is going on in the quilt world. I pre-ordered a "Ladies Legacy" jelly roll to make Barbara's free pattern quilt. I told Barbara I would let her know how many blocks I get from one jelly roll.