Thursday, October 22, 2020


Scout as a puppy

I love dogs!
So it's no surprise I love dog quilts too!  I was delighted when Sue emailed me a photo of the quilt she is working on!
Just look at her amazing handquilting!
Sue wrote in her email that she wasn't sure how she wanted to quilt the dogs themselves so she made a pillow to sample quilting and found a solution.  She's working on finishing the quilt now.

The pattern is one of Elizabeth Hartman's and called Dog's in Sweaters.  It is absolutely adorable!  Thank you for sharing Sue!

Kathie won the fabric from yesterday's giveaway and I'll be mailing that out to her tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Flower Friday and we have a few photos already ready to go.  Please email me your photos:

Stay well and safe!  Have a great day!



  1. Scout's a beauty. Such expressive face eyes.

  2. All dogs are wonderful. However have you met my dog Oliver? Sometimes I'm asking myself: "Is he really a dog"? He feels and understands more than (most) people ...
    By the way, great job, Sue!