Thursday, October 1, 2020

Hello and how are you?  I saw an ad for this t-shirt.  It made me laugh and I hope it does you too!  It reminded me of an interesting article published during the Depression that I had stashed away:

On Monday I had posted about Sewing Spaces.  Nann sent me some thoughts:

"In historic houses (not necessarily mansions) I've seen a sewing machine positioned in front of a window (for light) in the upstairs hallway. Or in a small "bonus" room, also upstairs. There were dressmakers who went to people's houses.....In more modern times: when I was growing up the sewing machine was in the basement laundry room. That laundry room was relatively fancy (it was like that when we moved in in 1962) -- there were built-in cabinets, and the sewing machine was on a built-in craft table. (The family room = TV room was also in the basement, and part of that was my dad's home office, so all of us spent time down there.) But by that time sewing was not my mother's primary leisure activity. We wouldn't have known what a fabric stash was -- we bought "material" and a pattern for a specific garment. But when I reached adulthood (my own apartment, my own income, independent time) it didn't take me long to start a stash. In the mid-70's it was needlepoint....for a few years cross-stitch....and garment sewing. Early 90's: quilting.....Yes, I'm still spending time in the basement but I've graduated from the laundry room to the family room!

P.S. The mother/daughter room has the drawback of many staged rooms: the lighting is all wrong. If you sat in those lovely chintz-slipcovered armchairs you wouldn't have enough light to sew or read by."

Sharon wrote me that her grandma set up her sewing machine in the kitchen and used the table there to cut fabric.  Dee's Mom worked in the dining room.

Regarding yesterday's post about clothes and my aversion to Halloween, Libby wrote that clowns impacted her the same way!  

Tomorrow is Flower Friday!  If you have any floral photos or images you wish to share, email me at

Have a safe and happy day!


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