Wednesday, October 7, 2020

And more about Sue...

 Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I had internet issues until last evening!  I wanted to do an updated post on our friend Sue.  I talked about "A New From Old" last week and that theme continues.  Often I find quilting ideas from antique quilts I see and so does Sue.  Here is a quilt she saw for sale on the internet.  It was a variation of Joseph's Coat, circa 1880 and cost $3,995.

Sue made her own for a friend based on this antique quilt:

Gorgeous hand quilting!!!

I was surprised to see that there were comments on Sue's handkerchief quilts from the Netherlands!  One of the comments was from Gerry van der Lugt, a well known and award winning quilter from the Netherlands.  You can see some of her quilts here and here.

Thank you for your inspiration Sue and Gerry!

Have a safe and happy day!

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  1. Actually I'm the lucky one who knows both "Quilt Ladies": Sue is my friend (who made several CoVid-19 resistant masks for my wife and me) and Gerry is my sister-in-law (who quilted the bed cover on our bed).
    This comment is from Johannes ...