Monday, October 26, 2020

Rainbows and other inspirations


Last week I talked about the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I was surprised to hear from Sue S. who is also participating!  She even sent photos which she said I could share on my blog!  
From Sue:

Thanks for the mention in your blog!  I'm sending you pics of my RSC blocks- based on a pattern I saw somewhere called Chandeliers. I have re-sized them and made one a week of the monthly color. Like I said, it's a start! I've been saving ideas for next year.
I do also plan to make the half-log cabins at some point. 

There's a couple of things I like about the rainbow challenge.  First of all, you can do bright, pastel, or muted rainbows--whatever you fancy!  Also if you do one block a week, you have 52 blocks by the end of the year.  

You can check out the possibilities here on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blog!

I've actually never done a rainbow quilt which is why I think I should.  I think this would make a fantastic themed quilt for donation, children, or even just to cheer up someone!  

Now about those chandeliers:

I had seen this pattern on the internet lately too.  I just hadn't seen the actual blocks assembled.  Sue's blocks reminded me of an antique pattern that was sometimes called Puss in the Corner.  I found an antique example on pinterest:

The fun part of quilting is what you can do with a quilt block.  The possibilities are infinite which is one of the exciting aspects of quilt design!  Change the background and look at what happens:
Looks closer to Sue's chandelier quilt, doesn't it?

But what you'll notice is that the side blocks are missing from the chandelier pattern.  In my mind, I would call this a variation of Puss in the Corner. 

If you google "Chandelier Quilts" you'll find lots of inspiring photographs!  If you are looking for a book for the pattern, I found it in Charm School by Vanessa Gomez.  There are a lot of neat patterns in this book and I recommend it, especially for beginner quilters!

But what's in a name?  Another woman did a video tutorial of her quilt pattern called "Beads" quilt.   You can watch the tutorial of the pattern here.  

Tomorrow I'll talk about pattern names.

Are you considering joining Rainbow Scrap Challenge?

By the way, I do want to mention that sometimes I'm not getting your comments or emails because something is going on the fritz these days.  I just found an email from Nann who talked about making patchwork clothing.  Nann said:

I've made, hmmm, a dozen patchwork jackets. I own all of Judy Murrah's Jacket Jazz books but I've never made one that elaborate. Since the style is sleeker, less padded, now, I don't suppose that I will get jazzy.

Sorry Nann!  At least I found your comment this weekend!

Have a safe and happy day!

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