Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Cheerful Cherubs

This tiny panel was reprinted in Needlecraft magazine in the 1930s.

Rebecca McCann was only 20 years old when she submitted her portfolio to the Chicago Evening Post in 1917.  The editor fancied her one panel cartoons and published them in the newspaper.  In 1932--after McCann's death--a book of her panels were published in a book, The Complete Cheerful Cherub.   You can find a number of her cherub panels if you Google them.  I've always thought they would be interesting to embroider.

The cherubs may remind you of Kewpies:

The difference is that McCann's images always resonate a type of wistfulness.  I often think that her illustrations remind me more of The Little Prince published in 1943.  The illustrations aren't similar it's just a feeling that they resonate.


Yesterday Sue S. commented that she doesn't have a blog but is working on the rainbow blocks that I wrote about yesterday.  Feel free to email me photos of whatever you are working on!  It's getting more and more imporant to remain at home and safe.  Sharing your work allows us all to visit and be inspired by each other's work.  My email is allentownquilter@gmail.com

Have a safe and happy day!


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  1. Such cute cherubs! You are right, we need to all support each other! I sent you a picture.