Friday, October 16, 2020

Flower Friday: October 16, 2020

 It's Flower Friday and before I go any further some inspiration from you all!

From Nann regarding the 6 question post:

My stash is enormous. Not only have I gotten bargains at estate sales, I have also been the beneficiary of two destashings and a giveaway this year. I've paid that generosity forward by sending fabric to other quilters. Re: the two flimsies you no longer love and don't particularly want to quilt. I'd give them to another quilter, either someone who does a lot of charity quilting or someone who would like quilts to practice on. The point is to get them out of your sewing room where they are a drag. Then you can make something new that gives you joy!

And from Libby:

Yes, I have a huge stash. I'm only buying mainly for "need" during the pandemic -- borders for a pair of twins and wide backs for finished tops. My scraps are in deep Art Bins and I forget to look in them. Yes, I have made scrap quilts but they need to be "controlled." I have far too many finished quilt tops but my LAQ is now accepting projects again. Simple is always best in my book. I let the fabric be the star.

Beth sent an interesting link to share with you!  Fascinating if you embroider or do wool work.  Read here.

Flowers from Libby are gorgeous coleus which seem so fitting for fall:

She sent two other photos of coleus but unfortunately, I can't download them for some reason 😕

Sue sent this photo from her garden in June:

Nancy's Clematis:

Esther's asters:

Hope you have a wonderful day today!  Any additional flowers I receive I'll share next week!  Stay safe!

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