Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Tuesday's This and That: September 6, 2022

 Happy Tuesday!

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  To me, the holiday always seems to be like a new chapter.  Autumn is approaching and my focus is gradually shifting from the garden to winter sewing projects.  

Yesterday I finished up many summer projects.  The 55 "little ghosts" are done; my mother's placemats are done (all 15); and I finished a baby quilt for a friend's granddaughter.

Little ghost quilts for our kids and a local library that is featuring the book, The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt.  The kids can draw their own face in the little quilt.

Mom wanted reversible placemats for the kids so I whipped up these with some scraps and bought the little ghost appliques at Etsy.  They are all finished but I didn't take a photo of it.  I was just glad to be done with them.

The baby quilt I finished last night.  But it's so dark that I can't get a decent photo of it.  So that will wait for another day.

Happily, the "scrap summer" is over but I've made a sizeable dent.  I had two deep drawers of scraps that are now condensed to one drawer.  I even have one smaller empty drawer.

So what's next for me?  Well  "the owl and the pussycat" project.  Actually these are two separate quilts.  The Owl quilt is for an invalid neighbor who loves owls and bright colors.  That fabric is already cut up and ready to assemble.  

The pussycat or Cat quilt is for 10 year old Mr. Brett.  He is one of the oldest kids in the our family and is well outnumbered by girls in his family. 

Brett confided to me this summer as he petted our dogs, "dogs are fine.  But I like cats better.  When I grow up,  I'm not going to get married but live in a house with cats...lots of cats!" 

Are you looking forward to winter projects?  What's on your list to get done the next few months?

Have a safe and happy day!

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