Thursday, September 15, 2022

Bee-ing Present

 How is your garden growing?

We have received some beneficial rain and the garden has perked up.  Some of the plants remain stunted (like my mums who appeared to have gone dormant during the drought).  But I'm grateful for the rain we have received.

These days, there are more patterns that feature bees and bee hives.  This of course reflects that most of us are aware of  the importance of beneficial insects.  To be honest, I'm mostly keeping the flowers as they are for the bee keeper that lives down the street.  Her honey bees are always visiting my garden!

There is only one old pattern I know that celebrates these wonderful insects.  The Honey Bee pattern!


I have only one quilt that features this pattern but it is a beauty!  Made originally in the mid-19th century, it was repaired at a later date but the work was done really well.

And of course the quilting is amazing!

I'm hoping to get some gardening in this weekend while my husband is away at work.  Last weekend, a neighborhood mother and her daughter asked what to do with the zinnia blooms that had bloomed and gone to seed.  They are first time gardeners.  I taught them how to cut the faded blooms off.  

The daughter, nine-year old Corrine--has an affinity to biology and vocabulary.  She was doing a good job.  She called to her grandmother who lives with them:  

"Look grandma, I'm decapitating the zinnias!"

This made us all laugh and then I explained that we actually call this "deadheading" which made Corrine's mother exclaim, "don't encourage her..."😂😂😂

What is going on in your garden?  If you have any photos to share, please email them to me at!

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