Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Ahoy Mateys!


Ahoy Mateys!

Today's feature is about a boat quilt I have.  I suspect it was made circa 1940.  As you can tell some of the boats have floated away...or rather, just faded with time 😁

I do like this happy quilt and I always thought I would give it to one of the kids one day.  Boat quilts were popular in the 20th century and this pattern is still popular today.  

Most boats are christened with a name but there are a LOT of boat patterns particularly during the era this was made.  I know, for example, that this quilt is not a few of these patterns.  

This 1937 pattern was confusing to me at first.  Then I realized the pattern fabric was the background and there were the sailboats sticking out:

Nancy Page's Sailboat quilt from 1934 is different as well.  Notice the port left side of the quilt has a different shape than my quilt:

The Ship of Dreams is more similar to mine but not quite a perfect match.  This was published in the L. A. Times in 1940:

This leads me only with a few more choices of where the pattern originated.  It is possibly Nancy Cabot's "Fishing Boats" or a pattern that was published in Needlecraft Magazine in 1931 and called "Little Ship o' Dreams."  Because the Needlecraft Magazine title is so sweet, I'll go with that.

Do you like nautical themed quilts?  Have you ever made one?

Have a safe and happy day!

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