Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Tuesday's This and That: May 4, 2021


Do you know why I'm featuring my garden today?
Because it finally rained!  For whatever reason, the month of April was so dry that I began to worry that another drought was imminent.  Murphy's Law prevailed.  I set up the last soaker hose yesterday and then of course, we had a wonderful night of rain.  To be honest, I'm so exhausted from weeding and watering that I am looking forward to some simple sewing, writing, and cleaning time.


The winners of Quilt Con 2021 were announced and you can see the winners here.


Elizabeth Hartman has a free and easy pattern for charm squares here.  I think it would be great for a baby quilt and even could be made bigger for a donation quilt!


Regarding yesterday's post.  My husband and I were talking about that tip and he actually made an insight on Nana's suggestion for liquid band-aid.  He thought my Pop-pop probably figured that out.  Pop was a pharmacist and was a very creative man.  

Nann from With Strings Attached sent an email about liquid band-aid.  She had never used it for quilting but said it worked great on a number of wounds!

Preeti from Sew Preeti Quilts had never used liquid band-aid but she did say she loved cheater needles.  I never heard of them before and looked them up!  They are needles that are easier to thread!

Sue did send a tip she had experienced:  

"When Carolyn and I were quilting for charity with a group, we would get some pretty wonky quilt tops to hand quilt.  Then there was Alma, who stood about 4 foot tall, well into her 80s, riddled with arthritis, of Irish descent, raised in NYC.  Unable to help she would coach us. 

 "You pull that quilt.  You show that quilt who's boss."  

Many times I've thought of that and managed to quilt many quilts that were less than square.  Don't give up.  It works out."
Thanks Sue!   That's good life advice for all of us!


I went to the fabric store on Saturday because a) I was finally cleared with my vaccine and b) I needed backing fabric.  I didn't enjoy the experience.  I got some of what I needed and got out of there.  Maybe it was because the clerks didn't wear masks unless you requested them too.  Maybe I've become so accustomed to taking my time and ordering everything online or for curbside pick-up.  Or maybe I was just overwhelmed by my first actual shopping experience.  Have any of you experienced that?

In any event, have a safe and happy day!  


  1. Yes you are not alone--I have had a couple times when I have went into a shop and had to turn around and leave--even when others had their masks on--something just did not feel right and I just had to leave--and I did not get what I was going in for---
    I am a big online shopper these days--but I still would prefer to go into a quilt shop to get fabric--so I can actually see the color/shade--but????
    luv, di

  2. I've only been doing curbside pickup and online ordering for a year. Now that I am fully vaccinated I have been to two stores and I really didn't enjoy the shopping trips. I am not sure why. I have been dreaming about being able to pick out things in person but then it wasn't nearly as satisfying as I thought it would be.