Friday, May 7, 2021

Flower Friday: May 7, 2021

 It's Flower Friday and time to appreciate all the beauty of spring!  We had lots of photos submitted this week!  Thank you friends!

Early in the week, Betsy sent these lovely photos from her garden:

Gorgeous Tree Peony!

It's Lily of the Valley time!

Creeping Veronica!

Such a lovely and delicate lilac!

Sue sent photos of her Irises!

Sue also shared with us her Bleeding Hearts coupled with Solomon's Seal:

And her Dame's Rocket:

Libby shared photos of her indoor herb garden:
Rosemary, Thyme, and another Geranium

And this geranium that the local agricultural high school students!  How cool is that!

And from the countryside, Linda sent these lovely images from her garden:
Ajuga and below, a closer photo of these lovely flowers:

Wild violets (lower right) and I think that is a lilac bush in the background.

What a pretty scene to inspire us to get out and enjoy this lovely season!

Thank you to all of you who submitted these gorgeous photos!
Have a safe and happy weekend!

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